Aligning Employees to Improve Productivity

In the same way as its service to end users, the success of a company largely depends on the relationship between employer and employees. If the bond is poor, the staff tend to exhibit low productivity levels because there is low morale and a lack of motivation. In order to improve productivity, employers must constantly keep in touch with their followers in terms of company goals and missions.
Here are a few ways on how you can keep your employees on the same page:
(1) Practice Transparency
In a previous post, Gary LeBlanc discussed the importance of involving your followers early on in the process. The gesture gives them a sense of fulfillment for their work and establishes clear, goal-oriented plans. One way to get them fired up is to involve them in decisions that will drive the company’s future.
It also helps for employers to stay truthful, no matter how bad the situation gets. Honesty can go a long way in building your employees’ loyalty towards the company. If you want each member to be held accountable for their actions, you should lead by example. When the firm doesn’t achieve its goal by the target date, explain the reasons for the setback to your employees.
(2) Paint a Clear Picture of Success
In line with transparency is an articulated explanation of what success looks like in your company. For your staff to stay inspired, they need to have something concrete to hold on to, which means your business strategies should have clear measures of success. They can be shown through different reports: number of projects closed in a year, sales reached, or all objectives achieved. With a clear end goal in mind, your employees can muster the motivation to strive towards the target.
(3) Establish Active Communication Channels
Communication – whether verbal or otherwise – directly affects the behaviour of the staff. Chron claims that lack of good communication causes negative consequences, like unmet expectations, stress, and low morale. If you wish to keep your employees on the same page, you have to retain active communication.
Aside from maintaining a collaborative working environment where anyone can approach a colleague for help, use tools like Slack or Facebook’s Workspace to your advantage. These programs can keep everyone in the company updated on any news and objectives in real time. You may also set up an exclusive channel that serves as an avenue for enquiries or expressing work-related sentiments. For instance, digital agency Ayima makes use of #AskAyima, which opens the floor to anyone within the company as well as those outside who have questions. Because of the space’s easy access, people can get answers in a short amount of time, thereby improving productivity and efficiency. In choosing a communication channel, keep in mind the ones that suit your company the best.
(4) Stay Updated on any Related Events
DecisionWise CEO Tracy Maylett stressed that news from the broader culture may affect employees’ behaviour, which is why business leaders have to stay on top of such info. Knowing the latest details on unemployment rates, ethics, violations, and other business-related issues can help you address your followers and manage their expectations. It’s better to acknowledge these concerns rather than be oblivious to them, especially if they bother the staff, which in turn may affect their productivity.