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IMG_5403 - versie is continuously looking for bloggers who share our passion for creating human-centric organizations. So if you feel like you want to share your experiences and insights with a growing audience, get in touch.
Here are some guidelines that help.

  • Join as you like. You can decide to blog as often as you like. Some bloggers only write once. To become a regular blogger, a rhythm of once per quarter would be minimal.
  • Be original. Please post only original content on As an author you keep your copyright. So you’re free to publish elsewhere 14 days after publication on
  • Take responsibility. Every blogger is responsible for his/her blogs. Content should be original (not previously posted elsewhere) and in line with rules on copyright.
  • Get social. You are welcome to share this content through social media. will push the content via twitter. The site is build to share content through the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest)
  • Be empathic. We aim to write for a broad audience of people in organizations. So be empathic. Avoid jargon. Be concise.
  • Have mercy on the editor. Every blog is edited before publishing. So have mercy and hand in texts that have been thoroughly checked on spelling, grammar. Texts should be (fairly) easy to read. If there’s too much editing, we’ll give you feedback on that.
  • Sorry. No selling. Everything is selling. But on there are no commercial blogs.
  • Focus on exchange. offers you a platform to share ideas, experience and thoughts. You do not have to pay anything to blog on And there is no compensation for bloggers.
  • All blog posts are reviewed. We can refuse contributions at all times. Of course you’ll get feedback should this happen.


  • If you have a proposal for an advert on, get in touch.

Get in touch.

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